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Friday, August 22, 2014

CM Siddha ramaiah in state government employees conference @ Mysore


Karnataka govt keen to constitute 7th
pay commission for govt employees
MYSORE: Chief minister Siddaramaiah on Friday said that
the state government is positively inclined to constitute
seventh pay commission for state government employees
in addition to providing various facilities to them on the
lines of central government.
Addressing state level government employees conference
here, he said the employees are demanding the
government to constitute new pay commission, but you
should know that state government has implemented the
recommendations of the sixth pay commission in 2012
and there is time till 2017 for constitution of the new pay
As there is pressure from the experts to prepare from now
itself to constitute the new pay commission government is
working in that direction, he said adding that soon the
state government may come out with a decision on the
constitution of new pay commission. "However we are
determined to provide facilities to the state employees on
the lines of central government," he said.
Speaking for more than one hour at this state level
conference being organized after a gap of six years, that
too at CM's homeground, he said government is timely
releasing the allowances and salaries of the employees.
Referring to the demands of the government employees,
chief minister said at the same time the employees should
learn to work sincerely with a service motto. "Government
employees should realize their responsibilities and duties"
he said urging the workers to discharge their duties
properly. "I am not here to give sermons to you, but if you
want to command peoples respect you have to work
seriously and sincerely," he added.
Suggesting the employees to hold this conference once in
every three years, Siddaramaiah said such conference will
instill confidence you and make you to rededicate yourself
for a public cause.
Releasing a souvenir on the occasion, housing minister
Ambarish said the employees are the link between the
government and people and is the responsibility of the
workers to make the government programmes reach
people. "This will happen only when employees realize
that this itself is a great work and needs dedication," he